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About us

Sol Suffit NGO wants to promote the philosophy of integrated cooking in Southern countries. Integrated cooking means cooking with solar energy wood-saving stoves combined with energy-saving insulation baskets. Especially African, Asian and southern American countries could benefit from this cooking method. This is where we particularly focus on when introducing solar cooking.

In 2008 we started different pilot projects with the local people in various African countries. After a period of using the existing solarcookers (e.g. the Cookit), we switched to an improved solar cooking parabole type, developed by a group of highly motivated people : the solar cooker Eco 3.

In 2014, a new model was being introduced: the Sunicook. Although solar cooking has mainly been promoted within projects in less developed countries, we are also focussing on western countries to promote renewable energy. When buying the Sunicook, the western countries directly support Solsuffit’s projects in developing countries.
The only aim we are pursuing is the benefit to:
  • the biodiversity and the climate
  • the people
  • the local economy

Benefit to the biodiversity and the climate

Our NGO wants to participate in the struggle against global warming, deforestation and the worldwide loss of biodiversity. By using solar cookers and insulation baskets, wood consumption could be reduced by 50%. This will positively influence increasing deforestation and desertification. More trees and a reduction of greenhouse gases contribute to the fight against climate change.

Benefit to the people

The people of Africa are not responsible for climate change however risk having to pay the highest price for it. They urgently need initiatives taken to protect them.
  • In most African countries 1/3 of the family income is spent on buying wood and charcoal. Solarcookers are relatively cheap compared to those yearly expenses and use no fuel at all.
  • The time-consuming search for wood results in absence from school and illiteracy. Children often lack time to attend school.
  • Daily inhalation of smoke from the conventional woodstoves is very harmful to health.
Vrouwen bereiden het eten

Benefit to the local economy

In time, solar cooking can become a full part of the economy; solar cookers can either be locally manufactured or imported, distributed through normal channels. This will take some time as the concept of solar cooking still has to be widely accepted by the majority of the people.

Focus on needs

The needs of both people and nature in less developed countries are great. Sol Suffit’s activities also fulfil other needs like investing in medical aid centres in Senegal and Mauritania as well as reforestation projects.
Heraanplant tijdens zonnefeest in het ecocamp

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